Welcombe Hills Audio Trail Credits

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust would like to thank the following for their support.

Special thanks go to all of the staff of the partner organisations whose combined expertise made this whole project possible; To the Shakespeare Young Company for their launch event performances, to Hallmark Welcombe Hotel for hosting a group during the research and development phase as well as their hospitality during the launch event, Stratford Canal and River Boat tours for their complementary boat tours and support of the project; To the community of local residents who gave their time and expertise, In particular to the residents of Clopton House, Clopton Tower and Holy Trinity Church for allowing special access during the research and development phase; To Toby Quash for working his magic to the tightest of deadlines; Spesh Maloney the man that helped bring the pages to life; Emily Quash and Florence Ellis for the huge contribution to the coordination and administration of the project; To Stewart McGill and Mary King for breathing life into such a fantastic organisation; To Helen Cook and colleagues for their engaging workshops and help with finding those golden nuggets of historical research; To Kevin Quartermaine; John Scott-Martin; Maggie Miller; Tim Bailey; Gavin Griffiths; Paul Rushton; Ben Devine; Jess Chapple; The Great Big Tree Climbing Company.
Finally to all of the talented and skilled young people who got involved in the project at every stage from the development of the funding bid, consultation workshops, research and development, scripting, recording, steering group meetings and the launch event. They collectively contributed over 500 hours of their time to make this audio trail a reality.

Project Partners

Photography and Image Credits
Ridge and Furrow Sunset at Welcombe Hills © Mike Anderson 2016.
Plants of the Welcombe Hills illustration © Mathilda Ward, Teagan Gough, Katie Start, Sophia Rowlatt, Kitty Brunt and Alfie Brunt 2016.
Comma butterfly and Veteran Tree © Steven Cheshire (WWT) 2016.

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Matt Cox, Youth Engagement Officer, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.
Kate Sugden, Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.
Steven Cheshire, Marketing and Media Officer, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.